XIII Russian Nursery Stock Association (APPM) Annual Conference


February 4-5, 2020
Izmailovo Concert Hall
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Conference Programme

February, 4th

7.00-8.45 Registration

8.30-18.00 Professional Exhibition

I. Conference Grand Opening

Moderators: Antonina ORLOVA, Emil AYUPOV

9.00–9.15. Greetings from Roman NEKRASOV, Department of Plant Growing, Mechanization, Chemization and Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, head

9.15–9.20. Karina LAZAREVA, Landscape Industry Guild of MCCI, chairman, “Floriculture and Gardening” exhibition center, VDNKh, director 

9.25–9.40. Conference General Sponsor’s report: JSC «ОKhК «URALKhIM» 

II. Nursery as Successful Business

Moderators: Andrey ROMAKHOV, Irina LYUBCHENKO

9.40–10.10. «Starting a Nursery from Scratch and not from Scratch». Alexey OLEYNIK, PhD, “Marmyzhy” nursery, head 

10.10–10.20. Conference Strategy Partner’s report: Agroholding «POISK», Sergey MAKSIMOV, PhD in Agriculture, scientific consultant,  member of the Board of Directors of the Agricultural Holding 

10.20–10.50. «Entering the Market with Minimal Investment: Approach, Economy, Result. On the Example of the Department of Green Cutting.» Irina LYUBCHENKO, “Nikitenko Nursery”, general director

10.50–11.00. Conference Special Sponsor’s report: «Nursery Shop»

11.00-11.30. «The Bases of Independent Mechanized Preparation of Soil Substrates for Container Production in a Nursery». Vladimir KOVALCHUK, «Yoly-Paly» nursery, adviser

11.30–12.00 Coffee-break, Professional Exhibition.


III. Green Urban Architecture: Current Solutions. Russian Nurseries for Russian Cities.

Moderators: Antonina ORLOVA, Sergey MURZOV  

12.15-13.50 Presenters: 

  • «Comfortable Environment Creating Programs as Potential for Nursery Development». Elena SEMENKOVA, Department of Architectural and Artistic Appearance of Moscow, deputy head,  Department of Landscape Architecture and Landscaping of Moskomarkhitektura, head 

  • «Modern Trends in Changing the Requirements to the Quality and Range of Tree Plant Material» Dmitry ZVONKA, the Eurasian Arborist Association, vice president, member of the International Arborist Society (ISA), Treedoctor, consultant arborist  

  • «Form of Collaboration of Nurseries and City Customers». Igor SAFIULIN, engineer of garden and park construction

  • «Russian Producers for Urban Gardening: Dynamics of Cooperation and Potential for Further Growth». Irina SAVVATEEVA, “The Savvateevs’ nursery”, general director


- Emil AYUPOV, “Yuzhny” ornamental plant nursery, general director
- Elena POLYAKOVA, “Euro-Plant”, head
- Alexander TOLOKONNIKOV, practicing landscape architect, “Tolokonnikov Parks” projects, head 

13.50- 14.00. Garden Designers’ Sponsor’s report: “AGRO” Ornamental Plant Nursery

14.00-15.00 Lunch (“Gamma-Delta” hotel, “Mikhail Svetlov” hall, 3rd floor), Professional Exhibition.


IV. Mechanization, Automation, Digital Technologies

Moderators: Sergey TSIVYNA, Gleb DEMCHENKO 

15.00–15.30. «Digital Technologies in Nurseries». Dmitry VORONKOV, NPO “Sady Rossii” (“Gardens of Russia”, Scientific Production Association), general executive director

15.30–15.35. The first day of the Conference Sponsor’s report: «Amina Trade» LLC.

15.35–16.00. «Tree Balling Machines. Lobe Machines vs. Vibration Type Machines». Sergey TSIVYNA, “SEZONY” nursery, general director

16.00–16.25. «Automation of Production in an Alley Trees Nursery». Alina LOMANS, Agro-NL Consult SolutionS, head


V. Festivals as Platforms for Russian Nurseries’ Promotion

Moderators: Oksana KHLEBORODOVA, Elena BELYAEVA  

16.30-16.40. Elena BELYAEVA, Anna LOZINSKAYA, «Gardens and People» festival organizing committee

16.40-16.50. Dmitry MASHINSKY, “Tsaritsyno” state museum and reserve, deputy director of territory development 

16.50–17.00. «Flower Jam» urban landscape festival organizing committee’s report. Margarita KONDRATYEVA, «Flower Jam» urban landscape festival organizing committee, head

17.00–17.30. «Landscape Park as a Nursery Development Driver». Denis SAFONOV, “Sady Mechty” (“Dream Gardens”), project founder, nursery head


VI. Marketing: Applied Aspects

Moderators: Maria VARFOLOMEEVA, Maria GAVRILYUK  

17.30–17.45. «Target Audience: Get to Know Your Customer». Maria VARFOLOMEEVA, head of “Varfolomeeva’s Marketing Bureau”

17.45–18.00. «Create a Profit Selling Online Store for 5 000 RUB Yourself». Sergey KULKOV, PhD in Economics, “Letniy Sad” nursery (“Summer Garden”), deputy head

18.00–18.15. «Getting the Most out of the Current Range». Maria GAVRILYUK, “GARDENS” garden center, marketing and communications director

18.15–18.35. «Investing in Advertising Effectively. Natalya DUSHINA, “AGRO” ornamental plant nursery, deputy head


VII. Marketing: Applied Aspects

Moderators: Varfolomeeva М.Е., Gavrilyuk М.B.

17.55-18.10 «Target Audience: Get to Know Your Customer». Maria Varfolomeeva, head of Varfolomeeva’s Marketing Bureau, Moscow

18.10-18.25 «Create a Profit Selling Online Store for 5 000 RUB Yourself». Sergey Kulkov, Letniy Sad Nursery (Summer Garden), head of the nursery, Krasnodar region.

18.25-18.40 «Getting the Most out of the Current Range». Maria Gavrilyuk, GARDENS Garden Center, marketing and communications director, Moscow Region

18.40-19.00 «Investing in Advertising Effectively». Natalia Dushina, AGRO Ornamental Plant Nursery, deputy head, Moscow region

19.30-24.00 Gathering for gala (registration needed).  

(“Gamma-Delta” hotel, “Mikhail Svetlov” restaurant, 2nd floor)
19.30. Gala grand opening
00.30. Programme closing


Small Conference Hall (up to 70 people), “Izmailovo” concert hall, 2nd floor

15.00-18.00 «Promising Fruit and Berries. Production Technologies» Section


  • «Istituite of Fruit Growing» as the Flagship of Belarusian Nursery Science». Alexander TARANOV, PhD in Agriculture, «Istituite of Fruit Growing», director
  • «Promising Fruit and Berries Range of Selection by All-Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Selection». Sergey KNYAZEV, Doctor of Agriculture, All-Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Selection, head, Oryol
  • «Basics of Production of High-Quality Planting Material for Seed and Stone Crops in Open Ground». Denis POMOLEYKO, “Sad (Garden)” peasant farm, head of production, Belarus
  • «Honeysuckle: New Prospect». Andrey KOSTYUKOV, “Yagodka (Berry)” peasant farm, Belarus
  • «Test Results: the Latest Fruit and Berry Varieties in the Middle Zone of Fruit Growing».  Sergey ESICHEV, PhD in Agriculture, Kaluga State Variety Department, head
  • «Test Results: FERTI PRO ТМ  Complex Mineral Fertilizers». Nikolay GLUSHKOV, «Floralife» LLC, general director


“Moskva (Moscow)” Conference Hall, “Gamma-Delta” hotel  (up to 200 people)

15.00-18.30 Landscape section. «The Role of Landscape Architects in Public Space Design» 

Moderator: Emil AYUPOV, “Yuzhny” ornamental plant nursery, general director

15.00-15.45 «Landscape Industry Current Trends in Europe. Public Spaces Landscaping as the Key Vector Increasing the Consumption of Planting Material». Elena POLYAKOVA, «Euro-Plant», director

15.45-16.00 «Professional Standard as a Way of Forming of Comfortable Environment». Igor VOSKRESENSKY, member of the Council of the Interregional Association of Architects and Designers, Executive Secretary of the International Association of Architects’ Unions, Vice-President of the Union of Architects of Russia, Chairman of the Commission on Professional Qualifications in Integrated Landscaping and Landscape Architecture at the Council for Professional Qualifications in Housing and Communal Services

16.00-16.25 «Working with Developers Experience». Alexey SKIBIN, “SpecParkDesign”, head 

16.25-17.00 «Design and Co-participating». Irina SAVVATEEVA, “The Savvateevs’ nursery”, general director

17.00-17.10 «On the Way of Implementation of APPM Standards». Vadim BOROVKOV, PhD in Biology, expert consultant in plant nursery management
«APPM Standards as a Tool for Mutual Understanding and Successful Cooperation of Nurseries, Landscape Architects and Clients»

17.10-17.50 «Features of Design, Construction and Operation of Public Park Areas». Alexander TOLOKONNIKOV, practicing landscape architect, “Tolokonnikov Parks” projects, head

17.50-18.20 «Approaches to Greening of Embankments as Part of Urban Green Frame». Igor SAFIULIN, engineer of garden and park construction

18.20-18.30 Presentation of the Program of the Russian Museum “All-Russian Oakery of the Emperor Peter the Great" as a Symbol of the Connection between Times and all Significant Places Associated with the Life of the Great Ruler.” Olga CHERDANTSEVA, Chief Curator of the Gardens of the Russian Museum, member of the ALAROS Council, graduate of the presidential management training programme 


February, 5th 

8.00- 9.45 Registration

9.00–9.50. Job fair. Moderators: Ivan YURKO, Alexander DOVGANYUK  Nurserymen’s reports for the students of specialized universities.

9.50-10.00. Student Forum Sponsor’s report: «VELTORF»


VIII. Promising Plant Range

Moderators: Natalya CHEREMICHKO, Olga MALINA 

10.00–10.30. «Modern Russian Flower Garden». Yury MARKOVSKY, agronomist, author of numerous books and articles, TV host 

10.30–11.00. «Introduction and Selection of Ornamental Conifers in Russia: Current Status, Problems, Prospects». Sergey GOROSHKEVICH, Doctor of Biology, Institute for Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS, Siberian Academy of Trees and Shrubs LLC, Tomsk

11.00-11.25 «On the Issue of the Conifer Range in Russian Nurseries». Igor CHEKUNOV, PhD in Agriculture, nurseryman.

11.25–11.30. The second day Sponsor’s report: «GAVRISH» Alexin nursery 

11.30–12.00 Coffee-break, Professional Exhibition.


IX. Technologies

Moderators:  Vladislav KOVALCHUK, Yulia ABRAMOVA 

12.00–12.30. «The Composition, Features and Effects of Osmocotes». Roger LEURS, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, head, department of Eastern European countries, ornamental gardening and landscape

12.30–12.40. Professional Exhibition Sponsor’s report: ICL Specialty Fertilizers     

12.40–13.05. «Features of the Choice and Use of Substrates for Growing Plants». Valery RUDAKOV, PhD in Biology, Federal Institute of Phytopathology, senior researcher 

13.05–13.35. «Methods of Plant Nutrition Control in Substrate/Container Cultivation». Pavel SHISHKIN, NPO KOMPAS LLC, Vashutino Nursery, general director  

13.35-14.00 «Financial Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Business Support and Their Practical Implementation on the Example of “VELTORF” LLC». Yulia ABRAMOVA, “VELTORF” LLC, director of development


14.00-15.00 Lunch (“Gamma-Delta” hotel, “Mikhail Svetlov” hall, 3rd floor), Professional Exhibition.


15.00-15.20. Award ceremony, photo exhibition “Plants in Gardens”. 


15.20-15.25. Registration Zone Sponsor’s report: “GLOBUS Internationals” group of companies


X. Specialization, Cooperation, Technologies

Moderators: Vadim BOROVKOV, Alexander MISCHENKO 

15.30–15.50. «Growing Ornamental Shrubs from Green Cuttings». Gleb DEMCHENKO, “Vashutino Nursery”, general director for production; Alexander MISCHENKO, “TISSA” LLC, general director 

15.50–16.10. «Surface Application of Fertilizers in the Technology of Growing Seedlings of Western Thuja 'Smaragd' in C3 Containers». Vadim BOROVKOV, PhD in Agriculture, scientist, agronomist, expert consultant in plant nursery management

16.10–16.30. «Narrow Specialization on the Example of “Monblan” Thuja Nursery». Artyom DAVIDENKO, “Monblan” Thuja nursery, director 

16.30–17.00. «Simulation of Physical Processes of Evaporative Cooling in a Greenhouse with Green Cuttings». Iosif KIPNIS, PhD in Engineering, “Kassior Research and Production Company” LLC, deputy general director for research  

17.00-17.15. «Production of Nursery and Garden Mechanisms». Illarion PUSHECHKIN, «Gidroremservis» LLC, director 


IX. Plant Protection, Technologies.

Moderators: Yana DROZDOVA, Olga PROMSKAYA

17.15–17.45. «Theoretical Bases of Application of Herbicides, Technological Map Design». Yana DROZDOVA, Agrofirm Flos LLC, deputy director, agronomist, technologist

17.45–18.00. «Theoretical Bases of Practical Application of Herbicides». Olga PROMSKAYA, Agroholding “POISK”, “Yegoryevsky greenhouse plant” division, plant protection agronomist

18.00–18.10. Conference closing


Small Conference Hall (up to 70 people)

15.00–17.00. Round Table «Are Osmocotes an Expensive Toy or a Key to Success? Usage Recommendations for the Russian nurseries»

Moderators: Vladislav KOVALCHUK, Andrey SEDOV 


  • Vladislav KOVALCHUK, “AGRO”, nursery head
  • Roger LEURS, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, head, department of Eastern European countries, ornamental gardening and landscape
  • Sebastian Hoogenrad, Hoogenrad nursery
  • Ivan SHEIKO, interpreter

15.30-15.40 Round table sponsor’s report. “Sidtech” company 

Key topics:

- the composition, features and effects of OSMOCOTE prolonged fertilizers (provided with controlled release of nutrients);

- the difference of OSMOCOTE from simple fertilizers and competitors;

- using various brands of OSMOCOTE – which ones should you choose? 

- relevance of use in industrial nurseries;

- experience in the Netherlands;

- questions and answers.


* The programme can be changed