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XII Russian Nursery Stock Association (APPM) Conference

«The Russian Nurseries: from Foundation to Evolution»

February 6th-8th, 2019
Klyazma Resort Hotel
Povedniki Settlement, Mytischinsky District,
Moscow Region, Russian Federation
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Conference Registration Fee and Preferential Prices


Conference Registration Fee

Number of Days

Registration for Foreign Participants till December 10th, 2017 (Preferential Prices)

Registration for Foreign Participants from December 11th, 2017 till January 20th, 2018

1 Conference day participation

100 EUR

120 EUR

2 Conference days participation

160 EUR

200 EUR

3 Conference days participation

200 EUR

230 EUR

Professional exhibition participation on February 7-9th (2 persons, meals provided)

1 360 EUR

1 650 EUR

Gala Dinner (February 8th)

85 EUR

100 EUR


Advertising and Information Services

Promotional inserts in the conference participants’ packages till December 10th, 2017 (Preferential Prices) - 290 EUR
Promotional inserts in the conference participants’ packages  from December 11th, 2017 till January 20th, 2018 - 430 EUR

Promotional materials must be delivered to Klyazma Resort Hotel strictly on February 5th from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m.

Promotional speech on February 7th-8th, 10 min. - 570 EUR
(4 speeches scheduled)

Promotional speech on February 9th, 10 min. - 430 EUR 
(2 speeches scheduled)