XIII Russian Nursery Stock Association (APPM) Annual Conference


February 4-5, 2020
Izmailovo Concert Hall
Registration is completed
Сonference close

Driving from Moscow to Klyazma Resort Hotel


Registration for рarking is closed

Along Dmitrovskoye highway: please drive for 5 km along the highway from MKAD, turn right at the traffic lights (there’s a sign “Dom otdykha “Podmoskovye” («Дом отдыха «Подмосковье»). Drive 5 km more through Troitskoe and Afanasovo to the T-junction. Turn left at the junction and drive to the town of Povedniki.

Along Ostashkovskoye highway: please drive for 7 km along the highway from MKAD, turn left at the T-junction (there’s a sign “Klyazma” («Клязьма»). Drive through the village of Belyaninovo along the main road. Drive directly to the town of Povedniki from the T-junction.

In the town drive along the main road till you see the barrier. There turn left and drive along the fence to the central checkpoint KPP №1 (КПП №1).