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XI Russian Nursery Stock Association (APPM) Conference «The Russian Nurseries: Development Strategies»
February 7th-9th, 2018
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Before the Conference:

Programme of XI Russian Nursery Stock Association (APPM) Conference      

«The Russian Nurseries: Development Strategies» 

Conference sponsors
Strategy sponsor: «Agroholding Poisk» 
Special sponsor: «Gardens of the Urals» nursery
Official sponsor: «Nurseryshop»
Professional Exhibition sponsor: «Architecture of Well-Being»
Landscape Design Day sponsors: «Modern Ornamental NurseryAgrifirm» and 
«Yarus» large trees nursery
Information sponsor: Inspiro
«Plants In The Gardens» Photo Exhibition sponsor: 
«Vashutino nursery» and «AGRO» nursery, the idea and organisation by Svetlana Chizhova

February 7th

7:00-8:45  Registration
7:30  Transfer from metro Babushkinskaya (by preliminary registration).
8:30–18:00 Professional Green Industry Exhibition
8:45  The Official Opening of Professional Green Industry Exhibition of APPM and «Plants In The Gardens» Photo Exhibition 

I. The ceremony
Moderator: М.V. Kachalkin

9:10-9:20 Greetings
9:20-9:30 Conference strategy sponsor's report by «Agroholding Poisk»
9:30-9:40 Conference special sponsor's report by «Gardens of the Urals» nursery

II. «Nursery as Successful Business» block. 
Moderators: E.V. Oleynik, А.V. Romakhov.

9:40-10:05  «The present and future of the Russian nurseries and the field».
Sergey Maksimov, Ph.D. in Agriculture, director of «Agroholding Poisk»,  Moscow region
10:05-10:30 «The Russian nurseries' place in tomorrow's market». Pavel Yershov, general director of a garden centre chain «Darwin», Moscow region
10:30-10:40 Conference official sponsor's report by «Nurseryshop»
10:40-11:20 «The Importance Of Goods Quality And A Brand Role In The Successful Promotion Of New Advances In Plant Breeding Into The Market».      
Tim Wood, Development and Marketing Manager at Spring Meadow Nursery USA
11:20-11:30 Promotional report by «Imperatorsky Nursery», the Republic of Tatarstan
11:30–12:00 Coffee break. Professional Green Industry Exhibition in the foyer.

III. «Technologies – a Guarantee of Success» block
Moderators: А.Е. Sedov, А.N. Miroleeva

12:00-12:30 «Chemistry and feritizers in nurseries». Evgeny Oleynik, director of «Nivaki», a garden bonsai and topiary forms nursery, Moscow region
12:30.-13:00 «Soil density index and agricultural works in a nursery». Vladimir Коvalchuk, adviser to the director of «Yoly-Paly» nursery, Samara region
13:00-13:35 «Growing plants in containers». Alyona Lomans, director of Agro-NL Consult Solutions, the Netherlands 
13:35-13:50 «Trees production and Air-pot and U-system technologies». Svetlana Volkova, chief editor of «Garden Industry»
13:50-14:00 Promotional report by «Rassadny service» SPC
14:00–15:00 Lunch. Professional Green Industry Exhibition.

Moderators: T.V. Smirnova, S.V. Tsivyna

15:00-15:30 «How High Quality Plant Stock Material Can Be Produced».    
Semyon Strongin, General Director of «Yarus», a large trees nursery, Lipetsk region
15:30-16:00 «Berries' and ornamental shrubs' breeding with woodened stalks». Tatyana Smirnova, director of «Leskovo» nursery, Moscow region. 
16:00-16:25 «Nursery's plant material supplies at minimal costs». Yulia Veselova, purchasing and wholesale manager, Nikitenko PF, Moscow region. 

IV.  «Nurseries’ Specialization and Cooperation» block
Moderators: А.А.Shipunova, V.V. Borovkov

16:30-16:50 «Information analytics as a strategic management tool». Maria Varfolomeeva, director of Varfolomeeva's Marketing Bureau, Moscow 
16:50- 17:10 «Corporate governance. Financial and strategic planning. Market positioning.» Irina Singayevskaya, director of «Marusin Sad» garden centre, Moscow
17:10-17:30 «Closed root system plants' and juvenile plants' supplies to the regions». Anna Shipunova, Ph. D. in Agriculture, «Phitogenetika» SPC, Tula
17:30- 17:45 The continuation of the work in winter hardiness mapping for ornamental trees and shrubs». D.A. Kostylev, Ph.D. In Agriculture, director of «Flower Garden of the Urals» nursery, Ufa.
17:45- 18:00 «APPM nurseries’ specialization and cooperation». Vadim Borovkov, Ph.D. in Biology, deputy director for «Kutepovo Garden Nursery», Tula Region.
19.00-21.00  Dinner (extra payment charged during accomodation booking)

V. International experience. Open mic
Moderator: D.A. Baranov, supported by «Green Arrow» ICLA.

20.00-22.00  «Trips to the nurseries and garden centres of the Czech Republic, China, Poland, Japan, the Netherlands in 2017», supported by «Green Arrow» ICLA. Speakers: E.I. Sedova, А.Е. Sedov, T.S. Pavlova, T.G. Trembovelskaya, V.A. Sorokin, R.C. Yakovleva, A.P. Dubenyuk, E.G. Lysikova, G.A. Demchenko, K.I. Manutyan.


February 8th

8:00 Transfer from metro Babushkinskaya (by preliminary registration).
8:30-9:20 Registration
8:30-18:00 Professional Green Industry Exhibition.

VI.  «City Gardening and Quality Standards» block
Moderators: А.Е. Kryukov, A.V. Orlova

9:00-9:30 «New residential areas greening in St. Petersburg. Problems and opportunities». Yuri Skibin, director of «SpecParkDesign», St. Petersburg
9:30-10:00 «Practical aspects of roof gardens' creation». Oksana Khleborodova, director of «Author's Garden» landscape design studio, Moscow, director of «Malakhit» nursery, Tula Region.
10:00-10:30 «Standartization and modern trends in landscape architecture», Ilya Mochalov, landscape architect, general director, «Ilya Mochalov And Partners» LLC, board chairman, «Moscow landscape architects association»
10:30-11:00 «The plant range of «Zaryadye» park. From the concept to the realisation. Problems and solutions.» Igor Safiullin, garden and park construction engineer, former head of department of garden, park and environmental work at «Zaryadye» park SAIC, Moscow.  
11:00-11:20 The reporter will be announced later
11:20-11:30 Promotional report by «VERGER» nursery, Moscow Region.
11:30–12:00 Coffee break. Professional Green Industry Exhibition in the foyer.


VII. «Selection Novelties as a Nursery Development Factor block
Moderators: M.V. Kachalkin, А.I. Sychov

12:00- 12:30 «Selection of new sorts of berries, fruit and ornamental plants in private nurseries as the main way of keeping them competitive». Alexander Sychov, Ph.D. in Agriculture, honorary professor of Shandong University (China), director of «Agrofirma «Rostok», Belgorod region 
12.30-12.40  Promotional report by «MAKITA» LLC, Moscow
12:40-13:20 «New Advances In Ornamental Plant Breeding for 2-5 Zones».    
Tim Wood, Development and Marketing Manager at Spring Meadow Nursery USA
13:20-13:50 «The contribution of the Siberian scientists to the Russian gardening's development». Sergey Makarenko, Ph.D. in Agriculture, deputy academic director, «Gorno-Altayskoye» FSUE 
13.50-14.00  Promotional report by «Green Arrow» ICLA
14:00–15:00 Lunch. Professional Green Industry Exhibition.

Moderators: N.A. Salnikov, J.V. Voskoboynikov

15:00-15:30 «Rare plants in our gardens». Yury Kalugin, deputy director, Peter the Great's Botanic garden, BI of RAS, St. Petersburg

VIII. Plant protection

15:30-16:00 «Fruit pests and desease and measures against them». Alexander Nezhenets,  chief agronomist of «Agrofirma Poisk», Moscow region.
«Control and monitoring actitivities on plant carantine and seed production»

IX. Legal issues 

16:00-16:30 «Legislative framework's changes and Public policy in control and supervision's reformation». Gennady Rezvy, the development of private entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized businesses RF CCI committee member, independent anti-corruption NAP and NAP projects expert, the Russian Ministry of Justice.

X. 16:30-18:00 «Modern Garden Centre» Round Table
Moderators: V.V. Glukhova, V.A. Kovalchuk

Speakers: V.V. Glukhova,  V.A. Kovalchuk, A.V. Orlova, I.A. Lubchenko, P.V. Yershov.
18:30 Transfer to metro Babushkinskaya (by preliminary registration).
19:00-23:00 Gala dinner, concert (extra payment is charged)


February 9th

8:00 Transfer from metro Babushkinskaya (by preliminary registration).
8:30–9:50 Registration
8:30–17:00 Professional Green Industry Exhibition.

Landscape Design Day «Producers and Consumers. New Level.»

Nurserymen, landscape architects, designers are welcome to discuss the following topics: «Quality of plant and service», «Plant range», «Why are foreign nurseries still more attractive to landscapers? How can we change the situation?»

Moderators: V.A. Kolesnik, M.V. Akhmechet

10:00-10:10 Greetings from Vladimir Kolesnik
10:10- 10:50 «The connection between city and town». Topical issues of city improvement in the context of nurseries. Price policy, budgeting, quality, range, influence on demand». Yekaterina Samukhina, deputy director, «The Institute of Ecological Projecting and Research» JSC, Moscow
10:50-11:00 Promotional report by Landscape Design Day sponsor, «Modern Ornamental Nursery Agrifirm»
11:00-11:40 «The unique identity of domestic gardens. Is it real or utopic? Plant range
development prospects in the Russian nurseries».Valeriya Goryainova, dendrologist, Moscow
11:40-11:50 Promotional report by Landscape Design Day sponsor, «Yarus», a large trees nursery 
11:50-12:00 Promotional report by Professional Exhibition sponsor, «Architecture of Well-Being»
12:00-12:30 Coffee break. Professional Green Industry Exhibition in the foyer.
12:30-13.30 «Exhibition gardens from idea to realisation». Carrie Preston, landscape designer, director of Studio TOOP Tuinen, the Netherlands/the USA 
13:30-13:40 Presentation of Stavropol «Ivushka» landscaping and architecture festival, A.S. Zhukov, landscape designer, editor for «Landshaftnaya otrasl» magazine
13:40-13:50 – Promotional report by «Maestro Jardino»
13:50-14:00 The presentation of «The Catalogue Of The Trees Grown In APPM Nurseries». Margarita Akhmechet, chief editor and the group of authors.
14:00-15:00  Lunch. Professional Green Industry Exhibition.

Moderators: E.I. Sedova, V.V. Rubtsov

15:00-15:40 «The working experience of a landscape architecture bureau at a garden centre and a nursery. Cooperation and development. The practice of a show garden's creation. Advantages and disadvantages, analytics. Does a nursery need a show garden? What are the functions of a nursery show garden?» O.D. Piskaryova, director of landscape architecture bureau Gardie at Agrofirma Poisk, Moscow region
15:40-16:10  «Ornamental fruit plants. The combination of practical and ornamental functions». V.V. Rubtsov, director of «Turgenevsky nursery», Vladimir region
16:10-16:50 «Fruit trees in the landscape and high quality». Elena Sedova, head of department of landscape construction at Garden Company «Sadko» nursery, professor at MAI, Moscow.
16:50-17:40 «What are we looking for far away, what can't we find at home». Landscape Design Day results». Vladimir Kolesnik, landscape architect, general director of «Salix Design» company, Moscow
17:40-17:50  Questions and answers. 
17:50-18:00 Conference closing
18:30 Transfer to metro Babushkinskaya (by preliminary registration).
*The programme can be changed.

February 10th International APPM seminar supported by «Profi-Travels» TC 

10:00-16:30 Master class by Carrie Preston, landscape designer, director of Studio TOOP Tuinen, the Netherlands/the USA 
 «The experience of private gardens' creation: ideas, design steps, realization, recommendations. Gardens for life, the customer's involvement into the process.»
*Registration fee is charged.