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Governing Bodies


APPM General Meeting is the principal Association Governing Body. It approves of the Board staff, the Association Director, defines main objectives and tasks of the Association, approves of the Association's annual work plan and the annual budget.



APPM Board Chairman coordinates the activity of the Board and performs the representative functions that connected with the Association's activity and signs the documents connected with representative functions.

Mikhail Vitalyevich Kachalkin


APPM Board Chairman,

Director of LLC "Opytno-selektsyonnyi pitomnik" (Experimental and Selection Nursery), Tula region



APPM Director organizes the current activities for implementation of decisions of the General meeting and APPM Board, signs the documents connected with cash flow and the property relations within the budget.

Olga Talivanova


APPM Director


tel. +7 495 662 49 14*1


The Association Board makes the decisions on the Association current work between Annual Conferences. Board meetings take place at least once a month. The Board controls the budget, accepts new participants, makes decisions on all current issues of the Association's activity, controls APPM Directorate's activities. The Board elects APPM Board Chairman among the Board members.

The Board members approved at APPM General Meeting on February 6th, 2018:


Vadim Borovkov


Ph.D. in Biology,

Deputy Director of "Kutepovo Garden Nursery", Tula region

Yuri V. Voskoboinikov


Ph.D. in Agriculture
Deputy Director of SPN "Vishnevyi Sad" (Cherry Orchard), Kaluga region

Vera Glukhova


General Director of Group of Companies "Garden Center of Vera Glukhova", Samara

Nikolay Salnikov


Division Head of Agroholding "POISK", Moscow region

Alexander Mishchenko


Executive Director of Plant Nursery "SEASONS", Voronezh region

Peter Morozov


Commercial Director of Nursery of Ornamental Plants "Dendrousadba", Ryazan region


APPM Audit Commission 2018:

Anastasia Podmareva


Head of Peasant Farm of Podmarevoj A.V. (Nursery of Ornamental Plants "Tochka Rosta"), Moscow region


Alexey Girchev


President of LLC "Magnolia", Voronezh region


Guzel Priymak


General Director of LLC "GRINVUD SPb", St. Petersburg


APPM Directorate 2018:

Marina Kulikova

APPM Deputy Director



tel. +7 495 662 49 14*2


Svetlana Kalinina

APPM Chief Accountant



tel. +7 495 662 49 14*3


Nadezhda Molibog

APPM Deputy Chief Accountant




tel. +7 495 662 49 14*4


Nadezhda Petrovskaya

Site Editor



tel. +7 495 662 49 14*5